Gardener Don

“Gardening is not something you can walk away from; don’t give up.”   Name: Don Williams Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA Years gardening: 69 Produce Grown: Beets, lettuce, corn, chard, turnips, onion, okra, collard greens and cabbage. Mr. Don Williams has lived in Philadelphia his whole life. He has been living in Philadelphia since he was two […]

Rebel Stew

At Pepper we love eating hot delicious food for lunch! We decided to make a stew from the herbs and vegetables in our garden for a hearty alternative to dreary peanut butter and jelly. We hope you’ll enjoy it at home. Rebel Stew 1 can stewed tomatoes 3 lbs baby carrots 3 small okra 3 […]

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A Pesto Critique

‘Today I’ve had another meal from the SCRG (Southwest Child Rebel Gardeners). It was a whole-grain pasta topped with a completely veggie pesto consisting of zucchinis, basil, kale, and pumpkin seeds mixed with oil and garlic. The pesto itself was visually unappealing to most, but you would be surprised how well it tastes mixed with […]

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Rebel Granola

We will be sharing our very own granola bars at the RIC (Rooted in Community Conference) hosted in Philadelphia this summer. During a business lesson, we learned that a successful business always starts with a prototype of the product that will be sold. Our friend Mr. Bruce came in to help us make our granola […]

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Drying Herbs from the Garden

We decided to dry some of our fresh herbs from the garden including sage, basil, and thyme in order to prolong their lifespan. Dried herbs can be stored in the cabinet for easy access and will not spoil like fresh herbs. We used a dehydrator to dry our herbs. A dehydrator works by exposing food […]

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Rebel Garlic Hummus

Our recipe this week was Rebel Garlic Roasted hummus. We used freshly picked heirloom garlic from our garden that is local to Philadelphia. Ingredients: • 1 C dry chickpeas • 1 head of roasted garlic • 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice • 1 tablespoon olive oil • Salt and pepper *No tahini is used in our […]

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Rebel Pesto

Today for lunch the crew had pesto. It was made fresh from the ingredients in our garden. It had basil, kale, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, garlic, zucchini, and pasta. I think the pesto was really good with some parmesan cheese. It wasn’t sweet but it wasn’t bitter. It had a unique taste. – Andre Ingredients […]

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A day at Penn

Our scheduled hike up Hawk Mountain was rained out so instead the Rebel Gardeners embarked on an adventure through the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Our first stop was at the Van Pelt Library. Next the crew headed over to 1920 Commons to tour the hydroponic garden built by Bon Appetit, the catering company […]

Rebel Vegetable Soup

An alternative, traditional recipe can be found here

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