Greenway Grill

The Greenway Grill is table and griddle in the cafeteria of Comegys Elementary School. In the after-school program kids often get cold meat and cheese sandwiches for snack. Most are thrown out. But when they’re toasted on both sides, so the cheese is melty, the meat is warm, and the bread is crisp, the kids love them. They line up for them. The purpose of the Greenway Grill is to leverage this demand to promote kid’s consumption of fresh dark leafy greens and encourage positive social behavior in the cafeteria.

The whole process of running the Greenway Grill takes about an hour: 20 minutes set-up, 30 minutes grilling sandwiches, 10 minutes clean-up. It can be accomplished by 1 adult and 1-2 responsible students, or 2 adults.

Here’s how it works:

1. Harvest micro greens from the Comegys Garden.


2. Assemble supplies: table, colander, cutting board, knife, tongs, spatula, griddle, and extension cord.



3. De-stem and wash greens.



4. Finely chop greens.


5. Open Greenway Grill to the kids, after they’ve received their snack. Whoever is in charge of the cafeteria can pick which kids can access the Greenway Grill first based on their behavior and cleanliness. Kids first stand in the DROP OFF line. Kids stand in the DROP OFF line with their snacks open, but they don’t touch their sandwich.



6. An adult or student working with Greenway Grill (with gloves) takes the sandwich out of each kids container, and then the kid stands at the end of the PICK UP line on the other side of the Greenway Grill table. Gloved hands add greens to the sandwich between the cheese and the bread. GREENS ARE A REQUIREMENT IF KIDS WANT THEIR SANDWICH GRILLED.


7. A gloved adult/student grills each sandwich for about 2 minutes on each side. When it’s finished, the kid first in the PICK UP line gets the sandwich. Yum, healthy deliciousness.