Designing the Rebel SnackGarden

Over the last 3 years  Sarah Rottenberg of Penn’s Integrated Product Design (IPD) program has worked in collaboration with Jarrett Stein of the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) a food education program of Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships to develop a plate that encourages kids to eat healthy, delicious foods. The story begins at […]

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Today in CCA 3/18/16

There were several CCA innovations piloted by the young chefs at Comegys this afternoon. First was the laminated recipe flowchart. It took an awesome Penn student about 30 minutes to translate a framework that took 7 years to develop into an Illustrator file. It took Campus Copy about 15 minutes to print and laminate the design […]

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Cooking Crew Recipe Design

What does youth-centered recipe design look like? Fundemental to youth ownership in Cooking Crew is the youth participation in deciding what they cook. In Cooking Crew we use a design-thinking approach to recipe development. Teams of students and adults, when presented with a basket of fresh produce, work together to create the best eating experience […]

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Fertilizing Eastwick

“This is what they call organic. Horse shit. I like it like that. It’s gotta be dark, it’s broke down, it won’t smell as bad, it makes the ground soft. That’s the best shit you can get. This stuff here grow a pretty garden.” Mr. Stewart                   […]

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A day in the life of Cooking Crew

Team meeting starts the day off right. Everyone should sign up for jobs, and especially a shift in the 4-bin system. Focus Documentation Fun Just grinding. Clean-up Everybody clean-up! Service with a smile. Time to eat! Peace

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Comegys Cooking Crew: Beet Salad 3/16/15

The black team had two recipes to create this week, shakshuka along with a watermelon radish and clementine salad. Unfortunately we couldn’t find watermelon radishes at the farmers market, so we substituted gold and purple beets. Here’s how we made the salad: First, we need to break the recipe into steps and sign up for […]

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Market Harvest 8/9

Come visit the Rebel Gardeners at Clark Park today from 3-7. Our summer program is coming to an end, and this may be our last market. Check out what we’ll be selling today! follow us on twitter : @rebelgardeners and like us on facebook : @rebelgardeners       For Sale Today: Kale, Collards, Okra, […]

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Our End of Summer Harvest

As the Summer comes to a close we here at Rebel Garden harvest for our next to last Farmer’s Market. The following is a list of all the things we are gathering and selling for the general public, with also an added bonus nutritional facts. Collard Greens: A very popular green for it’s leafy, editable […]

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Market Harvest 7-19

Miriam harvesting rebel parsley Elise and the rebel sage Tiffany, Jayson, Miriam, and rebel herbs Rebel okra Rebel basil Rebel kale The Rebel Harvest!

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