Designing the Rebel SnackGarden

Over the last 3 years  Sarah Rottenberg of Penn’s Integrated Product Design (IPD) program has worked in collaboration with Jarrett Stein of the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) a food education program of Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships to develop a plate that encourages kids to eat healthy, delicious foods. The story begins at […]

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Today in CCA 3/18/16

There were several CCA innovations piloted by the young chefs at Comegys this afternoon. First was the laminated recipe flowchart. It took an awesome Penn student about 30 minutes to translate a framework that took 7 years to develop into an Illustrator file. It took Campus Copy about 15 minutes to print and laminate the design […]

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Cooking Crew Recipe Design

What does youth-centered recipe design look like? Fundemental to youth ownership in Cooking Crew is the youth participation in deciding what they cook. In Cooking Crew we use a design-thinking approach to recipe development. Teams of students and adults, when presented with a basket of fresh produce, work together to create the best eating experience […]

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Cooking Crew Recipe

‘Had a dispute with Father about the use of my making this sugar when I knew it could be done and might have bough sugar cheapter at Holden’s. He said it took me from my studies. I said I made it my study; I felt as if I had been to a university.’ – Thoreau In […]

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Cooking Crew Asset Alignment

What are the resources needed to run cooking crew? People (coordination and mentorship) Materials (supplies and food) Space (storage and implementation) The cooking crew model can support the engagement and feeding of many, many people. The limiting factors are the size of the need and the ability to align assets to procure the resources to […]

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Cooking Crew Mastery

Pins are awarded for demonstrating mastery of skill. If the Chef Mentor or Captain witnesses a young chef demonstrating mastery, they call over the Chef Ref for a test. The Chef Ref awards pins for successful master of skills and techniques. Mastery is documented in the Studio Binder.     Pins are worn with pride.     […]

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Cooking Crew Sign In

At the beginning of cooking crew all young chefs sign in in their team’s binder in the studio. Teams pick a Captain. The Captain reads through the Health Checklist. Any young chefs unable to participate in cooking can still participate in Art and Journalism activities in a separate room.

Cooking Crew Setup

Cook Clean, Cook Organized – this is the motto of cooking crew. All the chefs who pass the Health Check finish the tasks on the Setup Checklist. These include: Aprons/Hats Hand Washing Retrieving Gloves 4-Bin Setup (Chef Mentor supervises) Floor Sweep Surface Sanitize   Every chef wears a hat and apron. Both can be decorated in free time.   […]

Cooking Crew Service