Gardener Edith

“I might as well like it because I have to do it.”




Name: Edith Watts

Birth Place: Germany

Years at the Eastwick: 40+ years

Produce grown: Green Peppers, String Beans, Okras, Berry Brushes, Beets, Cucumbers,& Tomatos


A long journey from Germany lead Edith Watts to Eastwick Community Garden. She is one of the four remaining original gardeners, whom still gardens to this day. Gardener Edith was born in Germany and had the unfortunate ordeal of living through WWII. She recalls the scarcity of resources during such times and tells us that back then , the German people had to garden. This is the only way German people could feed themselves because of the war. Edith told us that gardening just came natural to her. When she made her great leap to America, she immediatly got her own plot in the just starting Eastwick Community Garden.

When asked if the communtiy garden was different back then than it is now, she told us that it’s always been the same just different gardeners throughout the years. One thing that Edith did express surpising was how Americans eat corn. She told us of how Germany grew corn soley to feed animals ans livestock. She did not know of the many things you can do with corn. She was also introduce to okra for the first time. She now grows both of these vegetables in her plot. Edith isn’t all about produce , however , she grows flowers too because “I like them.”


We’re grateful that we had the chance to talk with one of the few remaining original gardeners with all of her wealth of knowledge , she is truly a living legend.


Gardener Edith’s Vegetable Stew


  • Corn
  • Tomato
  • Okra
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Olive Oil
1.) Clean all vegetables.
2.) Husk corn and remove kernels.
3.) Slice okra and finely mince okra.
4.) Boil whole tomatoes.
5.) Skin the tomatoes. Puree tomatoes in a blender for a soupier consistency.
6.) Put tomatoes and corn together in pot and heat.
7.) Set frying pan on stove top and turn heat to medium.
8.) Add some olive oil and garlic to the pan.
9.) Put cut okra in frying pan with oil and garlic. Let it sizzle for three minutes and add salt and pepper.
10.) Add okra to the pot with the corn and tomatoes.
11.) Let simmer for seven minutes and enjoy!



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