Lentils and High Tunnels

The Friday before spring break was a busy one for the Rebel Gardeners and Chefs. We had 2 hours and 20 students to cook lentils and brown rice with ginger curry, cabbage apple slaw, and tropical smoothies while also weeding, turning, and seeding 5 raised beds and building two high-tunnels. With this ambitious and delicious plan, the Rebel Gardeners worked hard to make Pepper Middle a little bit healthier.

It’s early spring and still a bit cold, so to help our seeds get started we wanted to build high tunnels to raise the temperature of the soil. All we needed to get this done was a drill and screws (or hammers and nails), so PVC pipe, fasteners, and a clear plastic tarp. Leeann, Jenny, Kashia, and Beatrice made quick work of building the high-tunnel.

First the team watered the cabbage plants already in the raised bed.

photo (2)
Then Kashia and Leeann drilled the fasteners for the PVC pipe into the raised beds.

photo (1)
Jenny and Beatrice attached the plastic to the PVC pipe with duct tape and velcro to trap the warmth in the beds.

Inside the Bruce worked with Nadirah, Thyreea, Denny, Larquonne, and Charles chopping cabbage, apples, and carrots for our salad.


Kashia and Andre harvested chives and kale.


photo (4)

Then Mabintu, Bintu, Mahdi, and Imier learned the chiffonade technique to cut the kale into ribbons to add to our brown rice.




Julia and Brandon made sure we had tropical smoothies for everyone.


And Mahdi stirred our carrot, ginger, coconut milk curry before we added the cooked lentils.

Samir and Hassan worked to weed the raised beds, turn the soil, and plant some mustard greens and kale.

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