Dear Michelle Obama,

Letters to Michelle Obama:
Michelle Obama’s, Let’s Move campaign, has undeniably left an effect on many, including youth from urban districts. The students are just as concerned with eating healthier as they are with staying active. Each student has a different story and upbringing but as part of the Rebel Gardeners, they’ve been supplied with one mission: to live sustainably.

Here is what the kids had to say:

Dear Michelle Obama

I am Tim Scott from Southwest Philadelphia. I am with the Rebel Gardeners. We are a group of teenagers that made and work in our own garden at Pepper Middle School. We are with the Food Justice movement and we are trying to spread the message to people that Healthy Food is an option. We grow and sell our own food. We also give people seeds and directions on how to grow and cook what vegetables they purchased. The purpose of this is to let people in our neighborhood, in Philly, and the world know that healthy food is accessible and we give them the knowledge to grow and cook their own healthy food. All this will help the world become a healthier place because we all know that health is very important. Just as the saying goes “if you teach a man to fish, feed him for the day. But teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

That is what we are trying to do but with vegetables. So by giving people seeds and recipes on how to prepare a healthy meal we are helping to save some lives and making the world a healthier place, but we cannot do it alone. We know that you have a passion for healthy foods and helping people eat healthy. I am writing this to ask for your support of our business and mission that we are trying ot make successful. Sincerely,

Tim and RG

Dear Michelle Obama,
I am here writing this message to you because you have a program on how children should exercise and eat healthy. There is a garden, the Eastwick community garden that is about to be turned into a parking lot by the airport because it is the airport’s property. But what they don’t know about the garden is that it can help the environment problem. Like when we have a flood the garden can drain the water. We went to the garden as members of the SCRG, learning from the senior citizens about the benefits of proper health and life. We are making and growing our own garden in the back of our school. It’s not that much of a garden but we are trying hard and putting all our hard work in the garden. We need your help to support us in what we do. We help the community by selling people organic vegetables, grown without chemicals, from our garden. Here is what we are doing: we are trying to make people notice what we do so they can spread it around for others to catch on. I am sorry that I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Fred Yah. I live in Southwest Philly. I am a member of the SCRG.

Dear Michelle Obama,
My name is Dwayne and I am from the SCRG. We are growing our own garden and selling organic vegetables at farmers’ markets. We also cook the food we grow and we’re trying to make people eat healthy, the same way you’re trying to help people stay healthy and become healthy. The difference between our farmers’ markets and regular markets is that we sell organic foods only but the regular markets sell all types of food and also makes more money than us.

Dear Michelle Obama,
I am Andre Ruffin from the SCRG. I live in Southwest Philadelphia. The SCRG is a group that helps spread food justice and tries to save the Eastwick community garden. We try to help save the garden because the airport is trying to make it into a parking lot. The farmers there have been there for over 40 years, and taking away their hard work would be…wrong.

Dear Michelle Obama,
I like the way you want people to eat healthy food and exercise a lot. I think that suggestion is great, so the SCRG group that I’m with wants to do the same. We sell a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables at our farmers’ markets so people can eat healthy and stay in shape. So now, I’m writing this letter to ask you for help to support us for what we are doing so we can get everyone to eat healthy and stay in shape.

Darren Turner,
SCRG (Southwest Child Rebel Gardeners)

Dear Michelle Obama,
We are the SCRG, Southwest Child Rebel Gardeners, of Philadelphia and we try to inspire people to eat healthy and to start a garden so they will have healthier food choices. To do that we have started our own garden and we sell the produce at a farmers’ market. We also give away business cards that have healthy recipes on the back and seeds on the front so people can start their own gardens. We are hoping you can help us by putting us out there, have people notice us and what we are doing, so they can do the same thing.

We would love your help,

Dear Michelle Obama,
Hey my name is Kadhafi Yallah. I’m from the SCRG in Southwest Philly. Well, our group was talking about how we can help the people around us and how to keep ourselves healthy and what to eat. These are some of the things we’ve come up with.

1)    We have a garden and before taking anything to market, we try the produce our selves to see what they taste like before selling. But don’t worry it’s all good food.

2)    After harvesting, we take the food to market. You should come down to where we will be (at Clark Park Farmers’ Market on Thursdays from 3-7 pm). I think this is a way of helping people because we are taking the food to them.
These days we young black people love being on the street eating fatty foods, smoking, shouting…I think you could help us by trying with all your will and power to reduce the number of unhealthy foods in stores, maybe that will make us eat differently.

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