Professor Mike at Eastwick

‘Today we went to the Eastwick Community Garden. We got to meet Professor Mike who told us a little bit about the garden. He told us that the garden might be turned into a parking lot for the Airport. I think that is bad for the senior citizens because they will not be able to move. The garden also gives its produce to charities and churches. This is very nice.’- Tim

‘Today was kinda a bad day for me, not because the way it went but things that came to. It really hurts when they talk about things that are going to happen to what they (the gardeners) have put down and hard working to save other people’s lives. I say that because they just don’t grow the food for them self but for people that don’t have food and no homes. I felt very sorry when they said the Airport was moving to their garden because of the airport was not big enough and me looking at all the hard workers I was on the way of crying.’ – Kadhafi

‘I think today was a wonderful day at the Eastwick Garden. I learned a lot today from Professor Mike. He taught me how the airport is trying to turn the garden into a parking lot. The garden has a lot of members and it has a lot of positive ways to help the city. Like if we had a flood the garden will absorb the water.’- Fred

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