Production Plan

The class will split into two competitive business teams. Each Monday, we will meet to back. Each Thursday we will meet to improve each business.

Base recipe:

2 cup whole oats
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup whole wheat flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp baking powder
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
¾ cup honey
¼ cup pineapple juice and ¼ cup applesauce, or ½ cup of either


Mix all ingredients and press into greased pan, 11 X 13. Dough will be very dry and crumbly, but press until dough forms with pan. Bake at 325 for 20 minutes or until edges are browned. Take out and let cool entirely. Cut into strips and store in snack size bags.

Each student will be assigned a job for the week, and the jobs will rotate every two weeks. Put all of the group names in a hat, and have one group member pick out the jobs for the first week. After the first week, the students will rotate down the list to the next job. Students will report on Mondays, before baking, with how their team did the previous week. Each job will have something to report.

Head Chef
Chief Creative
Health Inspector (1)
Reporters (2)
Sales Team (4)
Production/Cleaning Team (5)

On Thursdays, Pepper Dollars will be awarded to the teams who did the best or worked the hardest that week. Throughout the year, other awards may be given too, for things like media strategy. The weekly awards are:

Team with highest profit = 20 dollars

CFO report = 10 dollars

Team with the best effort = 15 dollars

CEO report = 10 dollars
Student with the best effort = 2 dollars

Successful health/safety inspection = 5 dollars

Health inspector report = 5 dollars
Cleanliness = 2 dollars

Each month, students will get to purchase a reward with their Pepper dollars. Brainstorm some rewards that you would like to purchase, when you have the money. Some examples are provided below:

Dark chocolate chips to add to recipe: $150
Homemade Pizza Party: $400

Job Descriptions

CEO-The chief executive officer is the highest ranked job in a company. The CEO will work with all of the other employees to make sure the business runs smoothly for the week. The CEO can also give other employees any responsibilities that come up during the week. If something goes wrong, the CEO will have to work with others to fix the problem.

Responsibility- write one paragraph describing how the production went during the week, including whether other employees worked well to complete their jobs. If any problems came up, write about the problems and what you did to fix them.

CFO-The chief financial officer manages all of the money that comes up in and out of the company for the week. The CFO will help determine product pricing, and she will make sure that the products are making a profit.

Responsibility-fill out a worksheet that keeps track of real dollars, Pepper dollars, and how much money is spent vs. the amount that is gained.

Head Chef- The head chef will take the lead in determining what the group will bake for the week. The head chef is responsible for the final recipe each Monday that has every ingredient and proportion used in the products produced.

Responsibility- fill out a recipe each Monday.

Chief Creative- The chief creative will manage the sales team on Mondays and Thursdays.

Responsibility-fill out a worksheet that lists all the different advertising in progress and completed each Thursday.

Health Inspector-Cleanliness is very important, because our products have to be clean so that our peers know that they are safe when they buy and eat them. The health inspectors will check the bakers’ desks and tables to make sure the workspace and foods are kept perfectly clean. They will also direct the production/cleaning team in all aspects of safety and hygiene.

Responsibility-fill out a checklist that keeps track of a number of cleanliness tests.

Sales Team- The sales team will decide when and where the product should be sold that week. They may decide to sell the product before or after school, or both. The sales team is also responsible for working with the chief creative to design advertising on Mondays.

Cleaning Team- The cleaning team must make sure the work space is kept clean during the class, but they must also make sure the area is clean when baking is over. The health inspectors will be checking in to make sure the cleaning team is doing their job.

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