April 7 CEO Report – Team Dynamighty

Name: Mabintu

Date: 4/7/2011

The chief executive officer is the highest ranked job in the company. The CEO will work with all of the other employees to make sure that the business runs smoothly for the week. The CEO can also give other employees any responsibilities that come up during the week. IF something goes wrong, the CEO will have to work with others to fix the problem.

Write one paragraph below describing how the production went during the week, including whether other employees worked well to complete their jobs. If any problems came up, write about the problems and what you did to fix them.

Two weeks ago we had some misunderstanding in our group well first it started off well and we were gaining points and everyone was working together nicely but then all of a sudden when we were getting our roles (Carlita) said “you guys can give me any role” and that’s what we did. Then all of a sudden when it was time to do our roles and she(Carlita) was giving the job as reporter she didn’t want to do it and then a argument broke out between me and her and then it cool down but she was still arguing and then Anita said “just be quiet” and then her and Anita got into a heated argument both got out of there seat and Mr.Stine was trying to block it but Anita kept swinging over him and so did Carlita and then they both went around and started fighting. After all that commotion India and Jewls decided to double the recipe and not even ask use did we want to double it and I got upset and then me and her started arguing then we stopped and we just cooked and the day went well.

Who is a leader that you admire? Why do you admire this person?

Tyra Banks.

The reason why I admire her is because she always helping the less privileged and sponsoring to charities and plus she has many T.V shows to help young girls succeeded in their dream. Also she always there when you need her and she is like a mother someone has never had.

List the 3 most important characteristics of good leadership.

Trust, leadership, and bond.

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