March 28 CFO Report – Team Dynamighty

Name: Jarrett Stein

Date: 3/28/11

The Chief financial officer manages all of the money that enters and exits the company each week. The CFO will help determine product pricing, and she will make sure that the products are making a profit.

1. Dollars spent on ingredients ($3 for each batch)


2. Price of each granola bar:

50 cents for 3 bars

3. Number of servings produced:


4. Number of servings sold:


5. Profit (price x number of servings sold – $ spent on ingredients):

The profit is 15.5 dollars

6. Number of servings in inventory:

No more servings left in the inventory

7. Give 3 recommendations about how your company can improve its financial performance:

1. We can do more advertisements to inform people.

2. Produce more batches.

3. We could increase our prices.

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