University Engagement

The Rebel Gardeners primary source of volunteer energy is provided by the students and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, coordinated by the Netter Center for Community Partnerships. Through collaboration and the sharing of unique resources, we significantly increase our ability to positively impact school health. We learn better together- the partnership approach to problem-solving creates enhanced opportunities for teaching and learning for all participants.

The following are professors (and departments) mentoring students engaged in Rebel Gardeners projects. 

Mary Summers (Political Science)

Paul Rozin (Psychology)

Frank Johnston (Anthropology)

Jane Kauer (Anthropology)

Brian Spooner (Anthropology)

Michael Nairn (Urban Studies)

Sarah Rottenberg (Integrated Product Design)

Chris Murphy (Computer Science)

Domenic Vitiello (City Planning)

Scott Poethig (Biology)

Edward Epstein (Fine Arts)

Jonah Berger (Marketing)

Charlene Compher (Nutrition Sciences)

Tanja Kral (Nutrition Sciences)

Terri Lipman (Nursing)

Anne Greenhalgh (Management)

David Hewitt (Mycology)

Steve Finn (Organizational Dynamics)

Sol Katz (Dentistry)