Granola Project

The granola project is a nutrition class where students learn about whole grains, fiber, eating a healthy breakfast and healthy snacks, and modify recipes to be healthier by creating a healthy food product and developing branding to sell to their peers. Lessons focus on healthy eating choices and balanced nutrition, food marketing and media literacy, financial literacy and business skills, food safety and hygiene, and current events. Each school year a class of 7th-graders is split into two competing teams. Each team establishes its own unique brand and produces, markets, and sells healthy granola bars. The past year one team’s brand name was Dynamighty, the other Vitaminlicious.

Every two weeks the students assume the responsibilities of a specific role on the team. The roles include CEO, CFO, Chief Creative, Head Chef, Chief Safety, Reporter, Sales, Production/Cleaning. By completing the tasks assigned to each role the students accumulate points for their team. Other ways to accumulate points include highest weekly profit, teamwork, etc.

The competitive structure and real-world application of the granola project engages and motivates students to learn and think critically while also capturing the powerful tool of peer influence and education on eating choices. The granola project is continuously evolving. Materials are uploaded to the site when they become available. If you have specific questions, contact

The granola project is a collaboration between Pepper Middle School and the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative, a program of the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center For Community Partnerships.