Cooking Projects

Cooking and eating bring people together. The Rebel Gardeners are always cooking something new freshly harvested from the garden. In the Cooking Blog section of the website you will find recipes, videos, and more. The SCRG encourages everyone to and cook more. Please try our recipes and let us know what you think. If you have suggestions, leave a comment or email us at

Cooking your own food is the only way you can be absolutely certain what it is you’re eating. When you prepare your own meals they will no doubt be tastier, healthier, and more affordable that the alternative. By the time you can talk you have some use in the kitchen. Cooking with family and friends also brings people together, which oftentimes is most memorable part of the eating experience.

Developing our cooking skills and comfort in the kitchen is an important component of the Rebel Gardeners. We experiment with the variety of produce we grow to create new healthy recipes to share with our community. We also hunt down heirloom recipes from different community members to preserve food traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. No matter what the inspiration, all our recipes follow a simple motto:  think AHEAD (affordable, healthy, easy, accessible, delicious).

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