Cooking Projects

There are so so many reasons to bring cooking into the schoolday and afterschool classroom, and to bring kids into the kitchen. Cooking and sharing food brings people together fostering the development of healthy relationships. The process of cooking is hands-on and immediately engaging. No matter your ability, experience, or learning style- there’s always something to do in the kitchen. When we practice cooking and learn skills, we gain more ownership and control over our diet. When you prepare your own meals they will no doubt be tastier, healthier, and more affordable that the alternative.

Developing our cooking skills and comfort in the kitchen is an important component of the Rebel Gardeners. We experiment with the variety of produce we grow to create new healthy recipes to share with our community. We also hunt down heirloom recipes from different community members to preserve food traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. No matter what the inspiration, all our recipes follow a simple motto:  think AHEAD (affordable, healthy, easy, accessible, delicious).

The opportunities to integrate cooking into academic disciplines are endless. Writing recipes and calculating nutrition information requires math. Researching recipes and learning about cuisine involves, reading, writing, and social social studies. Just about any cooking process- whether it’s steaming a potato, boiling and egg, or pickling a cucumber can be studied scientifically through biology and chemistry. And this is just scratching the surface of the opportunities for discovery by coooking in school.