Cooking Crew Recipe Design Process

1. All chefs retrieve aprons/hats from storage area and go to team station.

2. As chefs arrive at table, they sign-in on the Chef Mentor sheet, get pins if they earned them, get a sharpie and pack of post-it notes, sign-up for a 4-bin slot and a set-up and clean-up role and the Recipe Flowchart, and start labelling ingredients.

3. When all chefs arrive, the recipe design process begins.

4. The Chef Mentor reviews the labelled ingredients with all the chefs, gauging their familiarity, and describing them if needed.

5. With these ingredients in mind, as well as what is available in the Cooking Crew Pantry, chefs have 5 minutes to brainstorm recipe ideas. Each idea is written down by the chef on a post-it note and handed to the facilitator, who reads it outloud and places it on the recipe flowchart.

6. After 5 minutes is up, the facilitator helps group the post-it notes into similar categories.

7. Together the chefs agree on the concept of the dish.

8. The chefs signed up to write the Recipe Flowchart stay to add detail to the recipe.

9. The rest of the chefs begin their set-up roles: 4-bin set-up, wash ingredients, ingredient retrieval, cooking bin retrieval,  art bin retrieval, wash surfaces.

10. When chefs finish their set-up roles, they sign-up for jobs on the Recipe Flowchart and begin cooking.