Cooking Crew Recipe Design

What does youth-centered recipe design look like? Fundemental to youth ownership in Cooking Crew is the youth participation in deciding what they cook. In Cooking Crew we use a design-thinking approach to recipe development. Teams of students and adults, when presented with a basket of fresh produce, work together to create the best eating experience […]

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Cooking Crew Recipe

‘Had a dispute with Father about the use of my making this sugar when I knew it could be done and might have bough sugar cheapter at Holden’s. He said it took me from my studies. I said I made it my study; I felt as if I had been to a university.’ – Thoreau In […]

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Cooking Crew Asset Alignment

What are the resources needed to run cooking crew? People (coordination and mentorship) Materials (supplies and food) Space (storage and implementation) The cooking crew model can support the engagement and feeding of many, many people. The limiting factors are the size of the need and the ability to align assets to procure the resources to […]

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Cooking Crew Mastery

  The first knife technique to master is THE CLAW, where the knife rests on the knuckle to guide precision cutting.     At first it isn’t natural to hold your hand this way. This technique requires mentorship from an experienced cook and practiced discipline to learn.   The first step when butchering an onion is […]

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Cooking Crew Team Meeting

At the beginning of cooking crew each team of students and chefs gathers to plan how they will work together to make awesome food.   Every chef wheres an apron and a hat. Both can be decorated in free time.     The Daily Plan is the guiding document of cooking crew. Each team creates […]

Cooking Crew Hygiene

Cook Clean, Cook Organized – this is the motto of cooking crew.   Everyone in cooking crew washes their hands before cooking. If you touch something dirty, wash your hands again.     All the surfaces are wiped clean with sanitizing water (diluted bleach) before and after cooking crew.     All produce is washed […]

Cooking Crew Service


Cooking Crew- The Radical Transformation of School Food

Before:     After:   Cooking Crew is a food education activity where students create a meal to serve to their peers. Every Monday and Wednesday middle schoolers at Comegys Elementary are responsible for cooking for the 120 kids and adults in the after-school program. Here’s the curriculum. Here’s the flow of activities during cooking crew: […]

Cooking Crew Jobs for Little Chefs


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